My Place Awards 2012 Ceremony


The Scottish Civic Trust is holding an awards ceremony at 10.15 AM on Tuesday 27 March 2012 at The Lighthouse, 11 Mitchell Lane, Glasgow. Winners and Commendations will be announced for two awards, and presentations will be made by Derek Mackay, Minister for Local Government & Planning. 

The two award schemes are:
The Scottish Civic Trust My Place Awards 2012
PhotoArch 2011/12 photography competition for schools

The Scottish Civic Trust My Place Awards are nominated by local civic trusts, amenity societies and community councils around Scotland.  The purpose of the awards is to recognise projects and individuals that have made a real impact on local communities and which promote the historic built environment and good contemporary architecture. The Awards are supported by the Scottish Government.

PhotoArch is a photography competition which encourages young people to take an interest in their local buildings, archaeology and heritage.  Schools from right across Scotland have participated.  The awards are supported by Historic Scotland.
An exhibition of all the nominated entries for both awards at The Lighthouse, Glasgow will be opened at the end of the ceremony on Tuesday 27 March.

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